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Virtual Fly Brain

Virtual Fly Brain (VFB) is an interactive tool for neurobiologists to explore the detailed neuroanatomy, neuron connectivity and gene expression of Drosophila melanogaster. It integrates data from published literature and image datasets making it possible to run cross searches, find similar neurons, and compare image data on a 3D Viewer.

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Wellcome Trust The University of Edinburgh
In collaboration with The State University of New York


NetPyNE is a python package to facilitate the development, parallel simulation and analysis of biological neuronal networks using the NEURON simulator. MetaCell has significantly advanced the development of the user interface of NetPyNE, and recently released version 0.5.

Open Source Brain

Open Source Brain is an initiative by the Silver Lab at University College London to encourage collaborative development of models in computational neuroscience. MetaCell has worked with Open Source Brain to integrate Geppetto - an open source simulation platform - and enable neuroscientists to explore and run simulations of the latest computational models of neurons and networks developed in the scientific community.

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Wellcome Trust University College London
In collaboration with The State University of New York


NEURON is a widely used simulator in the neural multi-scale modelling domain, allowing models to be built that link reaction-diffusion dynamics at the molecular level, to neuronal electrophysiology, up to the large-scale network. MetaCell prototyped a new user interface for NEURON using Geppetto.


Patient H.M.

Henry G. Molaison, Patient H.M., represents one of the most important cases in the history of neuropsychology. MetaCell worked with Dr. Jacopo Annese, Director at The Brain Observatory, to build a web application for the display of high value image data collected from the famous neuroscience patient.


Biogen Data Integration

Biogen is trying to save data neuroscientists' time and enable them to look across data sets in a whole new way. MetaCell is bringing its expertise in neuroscience data and software engineering expertise to bear on this initiative.


Pfizer Data Integration

Pfizer is investing in the creation of digital biomarkers and signatures of disease states that can be detected from digital devices, to assist in the drug discovery R&D process. MetaCell is leveraging its expertise in data integration and working within the corporate environment to deliver real solutions for data science activities.

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