Build the right thing every step of the way.

In software, the main challenge at the outset of a project is making sure you are building the right solution. Are you?


Gain confidence that you are building the right thing every step of the way.

Let our team of experienced software analysts cross-trained in neuroscience guide you through the user story definition process.

01. Understand

Once we identify a product owner, we have a few conversations to understand the high level problems the system is meant to solve.

02. Interview

Once we have identified user roles, we run interviews with real users of the system. This could vary in number depending on the scope of the targeted functionality.

03. Organize

We distil a set of user stories, representing how the application is expected to function from a user point of view, and a set of non-functional requirements that might specify items such as performance or availability of the system.

04. Prioritize

We rank the user stories together with the future users of the system to make sure we are addressing real world pain points first.

05. Build

Finally, we deliver an implementation roadmap that provides options to incrementally build the system, targeting the high priority user stories first.

Our software specification projects typically last 1-3 months, depending on the scope of the system you have in mind.

Picture of a team meeting.

Everything you need to build a great application.

A list of curated user stories, ranked by priority.
An implementation plan and high level estimates of system implementation.
Optionally, a feasibility study to remove technical uncertainty in particular if novel solutions are sought. At this step, we usually conduct rapid technical investigations to improve confidence in the accuracy of the implementation estimates provided.
A follow-up step – or a parallel exercise from this kind of engagement – is usually the User Experience Design. This defines how the application will visually implement the user stories, and their look and feel.

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