Unlock the potential of your life science data.

MetaCell provides leading academic institutions, biotechnology and pharma companies with a launchpad to integrate their neuroscience and life science data and the software to visualize, explore, and present it.


Complex data, accessible at a glance.

Data in life science is generated at a tremendous rate. Knowing how to use it to produce the solutions you need requires crossover expertise from both computer engineering and biology. With 10+ years of expertise we translate your data exploration and visualization needs into tangible solutions.

Imaging data

Visualization and customizable aggregation of multi-modal imaging data enables the kind of data exploration that makes insight possible in complex scenarios of intersectional life science.

Visualization of runnable models

Our solutions bring together many different types of data on a single screen in 3D and 2D views. With structural and functional data assembled in this way, all kinds of questions can be answered.

Genomics data analysis

Our cross-trained team of PhDs and software engineers build solutions that address all steps of genomics data analysis – from data collection, quality check and cleaning, to processing, modeling, visualization, and reporting.

Graph databases

We can connect with databases in multiple formats and use genomic database-specific tools. This allows you to find the right answers to your questions and be in control of how to present your data.

Visualization modalities

  • Multi-modal data aggregation and exploration

  • Atlas visual curation

  • Dissemination

  • Data portals

  • Model building tools

What are the deliverables?

  • Powerful, interactive in-browser 3D and 2D views of your life science data that can be shared within your organization enabling collaboration

  • Extensible components-based frameworks to visualize and present both experimental and simulated data in domain specific ways

    Fully indexed and searchable data and models to quickly find what is most important to you without big data getting in the way

Geppetto meta

Neuroscience visualization software reimagined.

GeppettoMeta is a web-based visualisation and simulation platform to build neuroscience data portals and applications.

See GeppettoMeta on Github
A graphic illustrating Geppetto Meta, with a code editor on the left that sets up Geppetto Meta, and a 3D Viewer on the right that shows an EEG.

A completely modular platform

Engineered together with scientists, Geppetto Meta lets you integrate different data and models. A modular architecture allows the platform to easily support different standard formats for both experimental and computational data.

An open-source revolution

Geppetto is entirely open source. Engineers, scientists and developers from different research groups are contributing to its development by adding functionality to visualize and simulate new data and models.

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MetaCell is a life science-focused software company composed of scientists and software engineers with deep domain expertise in computational neuroscience, molecular biology, data science, and enterprise-grade online software development.

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