Cloud Health
Modern care delivery, from assessment to treatment.

Improve patient care by choosing from a wide range of assessment and treatments or by adding your own. Provide better care for more patients and optimise your clinics’ operations with a single solution.

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Provide the best quality of care with a single end-to-end solution.

A complete solution from patient enrolment, profiling and assessment, aimed at providing the best quality of care. Save time by managing the whole clinical pipeline and with computer aided management of your patients assessments and treatments. All in one place.

Store your data

Store your data from different clinicians and from all your patients in a single, secure, place.

Run analysis on the data

Run analysis on the data and analytics on the processes, share them with your coworkers, and work on them collaboratively.

Monitor your patients

Monitor your patients from the clinics (telemetry) and connect your clinicians with your patients.

Manage bills

Manage bills and monitor expenses from a single platform.

Connect clinics in your network.
Connect clinics in your network.
Connect clinics in your network.
Connect clinics in your network.
Connect clinics in your network.

We work with you to:

Design the ingestion process and data model that work with your data
Automatize the generation of your treatment plans
Allow clinicians to review their treatment plans;
Connect your clinicians with your patients
Automate billing
Define automated analysis for your data across different modalities
Deploy MetaCell Cloud Pharma in your own IT infrastructure (or we can host it for you)

Advance your scientific understanding

Improve patient care

Optimize clinics’ operations

All with a single solution

On average, our clients increase the number of patients served by 3x without experiencing any loss in the quality of care provided.

Based on real world data we collected from our partners
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MetaCell is a life science-focused software company composed of scientists and software engineers with deep domain expertise in computational neuroscience, molecular biology, data science, and enterprise-grade online software development.

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