In-Vivo Calcium Imaging Data Analysis Solutions

Essential tools to rapidly set up and execute calcium imaging data analysis, especially using Miniscopes.

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Tools & Services for neuroscientists working with Miniscope.

MetaCell is providing a new set of tools & services to support neuroscientists who work with Miniscope, a portable miniaturized microscope that allows neuroscientists to image fluorescence from calcium reporters in freely behaving subjects.

Cloud Workspace

Trouble setting up your analysis environment? MetaCell's Cloud-based data science workspaces removes all the hassle and gets you started faster and more reliably.

Analysis On Demand

Do you need help to analyze and present your calcium imaging data? Our team of experts will perform analysis on your data sets for you and give you back results on demand.

Analysis Support

Run into trouble with an open source analysis pipeline? Our one-on-one expert support on image processing or pipeline set-up will help you overcome your challenges.


Want to see Cloud Workspaces in action?

Option 1

Run the same notebook used in the Virtual Miniscope Hands-on Tutorial, with zero local setup.

You'll receive a login to a duplicate environment of the one used in the workshop.
Option 2

Run a workshop that includes a hands-on component using zero setup data analysis environments.

This option is similar to the workshop we created for the Virtual Miniscope Hands-on Tutorial.

Want to learn more? Book a consultation with our experts and let us know what you have in mind.

You can also take a look at our Cloud Workspaces page to learn more about our produt.
New to imaging data analysis?

Calcium Imaging Data Analysis On Demand

If you have a dataset and need a consultation on how to store, process, analyze, and present your data, contact us. Our team of experts will create a custom solution to solve your neuroscience data analysis issues. We can help you to:

Bulk analyze large amounts of data
Design new analysis pipelines
Develop a suite to store, analyze and visualize your data through an intuitive user interface

One-on-one Support for your Calcium Imaging Analysis

Do you have specific questions about your dataset that require a 1:1 discussion? Problems running code from an open source library? Get in touch! We offer personalized support on image processing, pipeline set-up, and a lot more.

Let's talk

Book a free consultation.

MetaCell is a life science-focused software company composed of scientists and software engineers with deep domain expertise in computational neuroscience, molecular biology, data science, and enterprise-grade online software development.

Our solutions have been trusted for over a decade by some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and leading universities. Discover what MetaCell can do for you by booking a free consultation today.
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