Reflecting on 2022: Fueling Innovation in Research & Healthcare

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December 16, 2022

Reflecting on 2022: Fueling Innovation in Research & Healthcare

As 2022 draws to a close, we'd like to share some of our achievements and innovations from this past year.

Reflecting on 2022: Fueling Innovation in Research & Healthcare

As 2022 draws to a close, at MetaCell we feel grateful for the opportunity to do what we do best: create software tools that help researchers, scientists and clinicians improve human health. We are able to do this thanks to our talented, committed, and diverse team; and also thanks to our amazing clients and partners who trust us to help them innovate and grow.

As we reflect on a terrific year, we'd like to share some of our achievements and innovations from 2022:

  • We started working with several new clients, including multiple major Pharma companies and life sciences vendors selling into major Pharma;

  • These projects have helped us further hone our expertise in serving several cutting-edge sectors, including gene enrichment and computational biology / simulations, advanced cell culture technologies, and 3D anatomical and systems modeling;

  • We continued our work with many satisfied customers – excellent organizations ranging from medical device/hardware manufacturers to major not-for-profits establishing ground-breaking research consortia;

  • Our work in academia increased with ongoing relationships with labs at UC San Diego, SUNY, Princeton, Yale, UCL, and many more;

  • Our partners' projects experienced remarkable growth in adoption, as researchers continued to develop new ways to collaborate online and to share their discoveries.

If you have a project to discuss, get in touch! We'll explore ways MetaCell can support your research and product innovations. Just drop us an email or book some time with the team using our calendar.

A suite of products for the future of life science

This year, MetaCell's product suite has expanded into MetaCell Cloud. This is a powerful set of cloud-based products for big data analytics, bioinformatics, digital health, AI, machine learning, and deep learning – applicable to all fields of life science. Here's an update with links to find out more:

  • Six labs and a major Pharma company started using our Cloud Workspaces to make the most of their experimental research. Cloud Workspaces enables them to access computational notebooks on demand for all their data science with dynamic provisioning of computing resources.

  • IFN Neurologic is helping hundreds of patients get better care by providing a faster, easier experience. We have added three new clinics to this partnership product this year. Connecting patients with clinicians and streamlining patient care from assessment to treatment plan is just one of the many ways it can be put to use.

  • Several organizations started using Cloud Hosting for their scientific web applications. MetaCell provides scientists and researchers with an easy and cost-effective solution to host and manage their life sciences data and applications in a safe, stable, accessible, and affordable way.

  • We invested heavily in the R&D of Cloud Pharma to help organizations answer the most valuable data questions in their pre-clinical research, save time and money, and move faster.

Increasing our global presence

In 2022 we re-solidified our global presence by opening a new office in Italy and hiring additional staff around the world to strengthen our team's expert capabilities. We added 14 additional staff including talented front-end engineers, software engineers, technical project managers, data scientists and senior biomedical researchers.

The team is passionate about building the tools used by life sciences and healthcare specialists to expand our knowledge and improve human health. We also make sure to create meaningful team bonds along the way, like at our summer meet-up in Sardinia, Italy.

And we're always looking for new talent! If you'd like to spread the word that MetaCell is hiring, here are the open roles.

Connecting with the industry

We were pleased to hit the road again and attend many in-person events, including SfN, CNS, BIO-IT World, Brain Innovation Days, and the Brain Trauma Action Summit. Virtual meetings continued to prove effective, too – events by Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Biotech Digital Partnering, and Sachs Associates. Finally, we hosted a private rooftop mixer during SfN in San Diego that many scientists and researchers attended.

In 2023, we'll continue attending relevant industry events, and we'll invite you to a new series of MetaCell webinars, where we'll be sharing news and resources from the frontiers of life sciences software and web applications.  

Thank you for reading our company's update. Please get in touch with questions and comments, or even just to say hi.

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