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March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Business Update from MetaCell

COVID-19 Business Update from MetaCell

In light of the developing COVID-19 crisis, we would like to briefly share MetaCell's business continuity and disaster recovery policy.

We are able to report that our systems are hardened and our teams are geographically dispersed internationally, offering great flexibility and resilience. We will continue to deliver the same quality support and development resources our clients need.

In addition to our standard continuity policies, we have notified our teams to take extra precautions and are offering ongoing mental health support and paid sick leave.

Finally, we would like to help neuroscience research labs to make the most of this challenging time. If you are interested in finding out how MetaCell can assist you, take a look at our free consultation offer or fill out a short survey.

We wish you all the best in overcoming the hardships of this difficult time.

The MetaCell Team

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