Validating computational models

How do we verify that our models simulate the important features of a biological system?

Taking a page from the successful software industry practice of unit-testing, the SciDash initiative provides for data-driven validation of models. Each unit test assesses a model's correspondence with one finding from the corresponding biological system, and a model's performance on a suite of these tests serves as an important assessment of validity and a guide for further development.

MetaCell, world leaders in software for neuroscience, and the Laboratory for Informatics and Computation in Open Neuroscience, Arizona State University, are hosting a live talk to discuss today's needs for neuroinformatics tools that promote transparency and rigor in model development and model evaluation.

By attending the webinar you'll learn how the SciDash initiative uses existing community standards and offers a web dashboard for comparing the fitness of diverse models.

The session is presented by Giovanni Idili, COO of MetaCell; Sharon Crook, Professor at Arizona State University; and Rick Gerkin, Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University.

Watch the recording