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March 28, 2023

[WEBINAR] Maximize Your Research With Cloud Workspaces

Join MetaCell and four leading scientists on Tuesday, March 28 as they share their experiences of advanced analysis and collaborative learning through the Cloud.

[WEBINAR] Maximize Your Research With Cloud Workspaces

You are invited to Maximize Your Research With Cloud Workspaces, a new webinar aimed at researchers who are looking for innovative ways to set up and execute their life science data analyses in a collaborative, extensible, open-source cloud environment.

This panel discussion is brought to you by MetaCell and four leading scientists who will be sharing their experiences of advanced analysis and collaborative learning through the Cloud.

The event is free to attend and will take place on Zoom on Tuesday, March 28, 1-2pm EDT. You can find more information below and save your spot here!


  • Stephanie Jones, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Brown University
  • Salvador Dura-Bernal, Assistant Professor of Computational Neuroscience at SUNY Downstate
  • Padraig Gleeson, Principal Research Fellow at University College London
  • Andrew Hardaway, Assistant Professor at University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Stephen Larson, CEO and Co-founder of MetaCell

Participate and learn how:

  • MetaCell's scientific domain experts collaborate with researchers to set up fast, secure, and reliable workspace solutions custom-tailored to their research methods and data types;
  • Researchers have utilized Cloud Workspaces to share their data and models, streamline and scale up their analysis workflows, and collaboratively design new open-source research tools;
  • You can run data analysis workshops and tutorials (in person or virtually) without needing to install any software.

Why this talk?

Originally developed to suit the needs of academic researchers who aim to share their novel analysis workflows with the research community, MetaCell Cloud Workspaces has expanded to serve all research groups who want to organize their data and analyses online in a collaborative environment. Examples include calcium imaging analysis, electrophysiology, brain imaging analysis, and bioinformatics.

During this webinar, we'll explore how MetaCell Cloud Workspaces can be customized to any field of life science research, facilitating tutorials and educational workshops, supporting version tracking and logging as scientists work together to analyze their data, and enabling efficient scaling so your research doesn’t get slowed down by large datasets.

As researchers in both academia and industry have begun to discover the potential of Cloud Workspaces to securely and reliably deliver powerful data analysis solutions right to their browsers, we'd like to share some of the insights from this journey with you, and to see if our solutions might be a fit for your research as well.

How do I participate?

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