The sound of your brain

MetaCell, world leaders in software for neuroscience, and Senscapes, an innovative science and art venture from the UK, are joining forces to host the free webinar The sound of your brain.

Senscapes is a science and art venture that aims to tell the stories of participant experiences in neuroscientific experiments. Starting from their brainwaves, the team generates music and art. Senscapes' work includes performances at King's College London and the Science Gallery in Dublin, bringing their audience closer to the nuanced and complex human experiences often not told through the scientific data.

In this webinar, the team will explain their inspiration, motives, and methods in the creation of music and art from brainwaves.

The session (45 mins + Q&A) is presented by Giovanni Idili, COO of MetaCell, and Joe Barnby, Managing Director of Senscapes.

Watch the recording