Current state of the art in single-unit electrophysiology

MetaCell, world leader in software for neuroscience, is hosting "Current state of the art in single-unit electrophysiology: Get the full potential out of your action!", a free live webinar with expert speakers taking place on Thursday, May 28th.

Single-unit electrophysiology has been a mainstay of neuroscience research for decades, and still offers unparalleled access to information about the fundamental activity in the brain.

What's the best way to collect, organize and analyze these highly valuable datasets? What tools and techniques have been developed to simplify and standardize these workflows? Do you really need to spend hours and hours manually sorting and inspecting your sorts?

Join us as we discuss recent advances and the state of the art in recording tools, techniques and spike sorting algorithms in massively parallel single-unit recording in the brain.


  • Quick overview of spike sorting
  • State of the art in recording technologies: electrodes, arrays, data pipelines
  • State of the art in sorting algorithms and software tools
  • State of the art in analysis: why do we need high channel counts, do we even need to sort our units?
  • What technological changes have been driving the advancements in electrophysiology?


  • Daniel Knudsen - Senior Consultant, MetaCell
  • Alexis Paez - Director of Science Outreach, NeuroNexus
  • Josh Siegle - Senior Scientist, Allen Institute
  • Jeremy Magland - Senior Data Scientist, Simons Foundation

For more information or to register please click here.