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Increasingly, labs and organizations engaging in research are running into the challenges of data overwhelm. MetaCell helps teams all over the world with data and machine learning modeling, presenting the results in the most informative way.

Data science

MetaCell makes complex data simple.

Data is complex

Either because data is big, or because the data are complex, most labs and organizations struggle to efficiently extract the right insights from their data analysis.

Data combining

Combining data sets which would lead to different assumptions about the same phenomena requires an extra level of data science work.

Our data expertise

We bring life science expertise along with data science, and the ability to deal with data sets at scale all together in an easy to use process.

Get results

We manage projects end to end to deliver the results you are looking for.

How does it work?

  • In the initial consultation phase, you share the data sets that need to be worked on – or very similar sample data.

  • We work on a fixed capacity basis, showing regular results every one or two weeks.

What are the deliverables?

  • We define the deliverables together. Often the scripts written to process data are a core deliverable.

  • Also a report of our findings is a typical deliverable.

Our data science projects range from 1 to 4 months, while a project that combines data science with software engineering lasts 3-9 months.

Picture of a developer working on their computer.

Close the loop with machine learning modeling of your data, and get results in the most informative way.

Powerful machine learning platforms are now available on the cloud for creating models of real-world data. Taking advantage of these platforms requires technical expertise beyond simple data science work, as well as relying on the right cloud infrastructure.

We understand

We have PhDs in machine learning who can help understand what you are trying to achieve with your data, and the output you are looking for.

We set up

Our cloud infrastructure engineers can help connect large data sets to machine learning platforms such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.

We close the loop

Together, we can assist you to close the loop with your data and machine learning modeling of your data, as well as presenting the results back to you in the most informative way.

How does it work?
  • We understand the requirements of your machine learning project and help to propose the most appropriate flavour of machine learning given your data domain.

  • We set up the appropriate machine learning platform and connect your data to this platform.

  • We can help you run the models themselves and engage you in ongoing data science to extract the most value from your data.

What are the deliverables?
  • Typically a final report of the outcomes, source code for the cloud environment we set up, and scripts that show the data science work that was required to set up the data and run the training steps.

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MetaCell is a life science-focused software company composed of scientists and software engineers with deep domain expertise in computational neuroscience, molecular biology, data science, and enterprise-grade online software development.

Our solutions have been trusted for over a decade by some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and leading universities. Discover what MetaCell can do for you by booking a free consultation today.
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