MetaCell Neuroscience Platform

We have combined the world’s most valuable neuroscience data tools

Our platform unlocks the true value of neuroscience data and models, including microscopy and MRI images, EEG and electrophysiology data, computer simulations, and much more

The MetaCell Neuroscience Platform (MNP) is a revolutionary system designed to accelerate your work with neuroscience-specific data.


Supporting a large variety of data types, and enabling integration of diverse data streams, the MetaCell Neuroscience Platform (MNP) is the perfect solution to build your groundbreaking new neuroscience applications

What’s included in the platform?


Easily integrate your own datasets

  • Opinionated and semantically constrained integration of data
  • Semantic augmentation pipeline to process your compatible datasets
  • Spatial mapping capabilities
  • Temporal alignment of time series data

Powerful services to fuel your neuroscience applications

  • Atlas
  • Mapper
  • Database
  • Simulation
  • Reasoning
  • ...and much more!

Don't reinvent the wheel

  • Best in breed tools start your neuroscience application development years ahead of the curve
  • Powerful middleware for delivering value to your end users immediately
  • A scalable and secure REST API that can be easily deployed in your own private cloud

Feature set

  • Support for all DICOM-based human neuroscience images, including all varieties of MRI, PET, DATSCAN, etc.
  • Generate spatially referenced atlases and integrate brain images into them
  • Generate models ready for simulation
  • Generate knowledge bases of spatially and semantic integrated data sets from your own data
  • Work with data from humans as well as any model organism
  • A backend that can scale with your data while keeping it safe and secure
  • A query engine to gather new facts from data
  • An analytics engine to gain additional insights from data
  • A simulation engine to generate new predictions
  • API and Client tool access for programmatic discovery
  • Secure Cloud based deployment or on-site

Work with a giant set of known neuroscience data types

  • NWB & other electrophysiology formats
  • MRI, PET, fMRI, CT
  • Connectivity, White Matter Integrity, DTI
  • Anatomical
  • Disease-specific
  • Clinical data
  • EMR / EHR / FHIR
  • Single, multi-channel EEG
  • MEG
  • SDTM Clinical, ADaM
  • RWE, RWD
  • Behavioral
  • Movement-related wearables
  • Eye tracking
  • Genomics, SNP
  • Proteomics
  • Biomarker
  • Ontologies
  • Cognitive Assessments, Psychometrics
  • Demographics
  • Standardized Brain Atlases
  • Brain Parcellations
  • Histology
  • Light & Electron Microscopy 2D & 3D
  • Audio, Video
  • Computational Neuroscience Conductance Models
  • PK / PD
  • Abstract Neuroscience Mathematical Models

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