Custom Software

When you can't buy it off-the-shelf or design it in-house, we build your custom software for neuroscience.

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User Interfaces & Big Data

Transform your neuroscience big data into rich insights via interactive user interfaces and visualizations.

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Our consulting can help with any project at the intersection of neuroscience and software.

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Our Projects

Interactive 3D Brain Data Browser


Virtual Fly Brain (VFB) is an interactive tool for neurobiologists to explore the detailed neuroanatomy, neuron connectivity and gene expression of Drosophila melanogaster. It integrates data from published literature and image datasets making it possible to run cross searches, find similar neurons and compare image data on our 3D Viewer.

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Turning Neuroscience Data Into Insight


Readers of this white paper, authored by MetaCell, will learn how three major activities - 1) visualize, 2) collaborate, and 3) build - can massively expand an organization's ability to extract value from neuroscience data. By examining interface images and diagrams, the reader will become aware of the technological landscape available for this challenge.

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Neuroscience Big Data Management Pipeline


In partnership with a top-ten pharmaceutical company, MetaCell performed system analysis, requirements gathering, and use case design of a clinical and pre-clinical big data management pipeline, which was subsequently implemented at scale within the company.

Collaborative Brain Modelling Web Application


Open Source Brain is an initiative by the Silver Lab at University College London to encourage collaborative development of models in computational neuroscience. MetaCell has worked with Open Source Brain to integrate Geppetto - an open source simulation platform - and enable neuroscientists to explore and run simulations of the latest computational models of neurons and networks developed in the scientific community.

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Our Approach


We are a software company that puts neuroscience data online, creating compelling visual and collaborative experiences. Our software applications unlock the true value of neuroscience data and models, including microscopy and MRI images, EEG and electrophysiology data, computer simulations, and much more.

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