Visualization and data exploration interfaces

Gain visual insight through beautiful software interfaces.

Rich web-based visualization dashboards
Bring interactive and insightful visualizations of your data to your organization over the web.
Visualizing scientific data
A picture is worth a thousand words, and complex scientific data is best understood with the right picture. Let our expertise in visualizing just the right perspective on your data help you better understand it.

Big Data in the Neurosciences

Structure the information of the brain.

Clinical, pre-clinical and research data management
Organize your data from clinical, pre-clinical, or research studies in powerful ways to enable insight and next-generation analysis.
Experimental data, protocol and workflow management
Scientific data is best understood when tied to digital representations of the protocol. Let us bring your organization the latest tools and techniques for tying data to scientific workflows and digitized protocols.
Semantic data management
You understand your data but does your software? We'll help you use semantic technologies to enable higher order interpretation and analysis of your data.


Use computers to better understand the mechanisms of the brain.

Web-based simulation interfaces
Make your complex simulations easy to use for everyone in your organization with compelling visualizations. We enable your simulator to run on cloud infrastructure that allows it to scale up flexibly.
Simulation data management
Organize the results of your simulations. Compare them with the scientific hypotheses and related experimental data.
Custom hardware support
We can integrate your hardware infrastructure with simulation software platforms and achieve unprecedented results.