Custom Software Development

We build cutting edge custom software for the neurosciences.

Building custom software applications
Software is the modern tool of the neurosciences, enabling advanced analytics, visualizations, and data management to unlock value and insight from data. However too often off-the-shelf solutions don't meet organizations' needs, as these innovate faster than the software. MetaCell fills in the gap by working alongside your organization to produce cutting edge rapidly developed applications that fit your needs, going beyond what you can buy off-the-shelf.
Cloud-based data integration
While the cloud has been around for quite a while now, many neuroscientists haven't been able to take advantage of its full potential for their data. Pain points range from friction in moving data into cloud solutions, to regulatory concerns, to how to provide a useful interface to the data once in the cloud. MetaCell has years of experience in working exactly in this domain and can help make these challenges easy as pie for you.
The neurosciences in particular present a special set of challenges for any organization working with data. Because of the mystery of the brain, and the explosion of ways to collect information about it, assembling data to answer critical questions can be more challenging than in other domains of the life sciences. At MetaCell, we have not only the right background (including Ph.D-level Neuroscience expertise) but also a proven track record of delivering exciting custom applications to solve challenges in the space of neuroscience.
Insights and data visualizations
Whether your data sets are images, time-series, genetics, or other measurements, not all data are created the same. At MetaCell we create compelling visualizations that are customized to each data set to reveal the precise value and understanding your organization needs.

Strategic Consulting

Data in the neurosciences are being generated at a tremendous rate. Knowing how to use it to produce the solutions you need requires cross-over expertise from both computer engineering and biology. We make this possible for your organization.

Building your scientific software platform
Is your organization facing barriers to your development work with critical neuroscience data? We can help.
Data integration
Aligning, integrating, and delivering knowledge within and outside your organization can be a tremendous challenge. Our in-house expertise will enable you to cut through to the core of the challenge to provide robust and dependable solutions.
Translational computational biology
What gems have the greatest scientists in the world discovered about mechanisms relevant to your biological system of interest? Get delivery of solidly engineered software that translate these discoveries into tangible solutions.


Open science community development
Make your next scientific research endeavor open and participatory with our help. We'll help you accomplish more by working with talented individuals part of online communities and virtual teams.
Open science strategy consulting
What are the best tools to use to bring your open science community together? How can you motivate talented individuals to participate in an exciting research project? We'll guide you.