MetaCell is a software company that puts neuroscience data online, creating compelling visual and collaborative experiences. Our software applications unlock the true value of neuroscience data and models, including microscopy and MRI images, EEG and electrophysiology data, computer simulations, and much more.

We work at the intersection of neuroscience and software engineering, presenting a "best of both worlds" translational approach between the two. We see great opportunity to take best-in-breed information technology and apply it to the world’s most challenging neuroscience questions, from mechanisms of complex diseases that still elude us to the mysteries of the brain.



2012 - MetaCell worked on its first consulting contracts in the non-profit neuroscience space.

2013 - We helped several non-profit and university projects flourish in the areas of simulation, online visualization and data management. We opened a branch of MetaCell in Oxford, UK.

2014 - We worked on our first Big Pharma contract in the area of neuroscience data management. We also managed and executed a successful open science kickstarter campaign.

2015 - Racked up several university and biotech contracts, and delivered software to many satisfied customers.

2016 - Worked on several exciting projects, including creating online interfaces to visualize virtual brains.