Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

In partnership with a top-ten pharmaceutical company, MetaCell performed system analysis, requirements gathering, and use case design of a clinical and pre-clinical big data management pipeline, now being implemented at scale within the company.

Institute for Brain and Society

The Institute for Brain and Society is building unprecedented views of the human brain in terms of resolution and scope to leverage the educational potential of the data to inform the public. In addition, a final collection of images and tissues from 1,000 cases representing major neurological disorders, as well as different stages of brain maturation in healthy individuals, is being constructed. MetaCell is working with the Institute to bring this vision to life as an interactive online experience, serving their data from the cloud and visualizing it with compelling custom interactive software interfaces.

EBI / EMBL: Virtual Fly Brain

MetaCell is working with the Wellcome Trust-funded Virtual Fly Brain project on its 2.0 web resource to enhance its integration of 2D and 3D images of the Drosophila brain with associated metadata. The project makes data available online using cloud infrastructure and creates compelling and interactive data visualizations using the foundation of the open source Geppetto platform.

University College London: Open Source Brain

MetaCell is working with Open Source Brain to integrate the open source Geppetto simulation platform. MetaCell provides open source software engineering and technical project management in the area of visualization and simulation of neuron-based computational models.


In collaboration with the OpenWorm project, MetaCell built and deployed WormSim, an online open source whole-organism simulation environment for the C. elegans on the foundation of the open source Geppetto simulation platform.

Orion Bionetworks

In partnership with Orion Bionetworks, MetaCell provided strategic consulting and a bottom-up modelling analysis study for a whole cell simulation. In addition, MetaCell provided open source software engineering and consulting on open source community building and adminstration.

One Mind For Research

In partnership with One Mind for Research, MetaCell provides strategic technical consulting and project management at a Chief Information Officer-level for their data sharing portal on the management of neuroscientific data in a clinical and pre-clinical setting.

OpenWorm Mobile App

In collaboration with the OpenWorm project, MetaCell developed the OpenWorm mobile app. The app enables you to explore the anatomy of a neuroscience model organism (the c. elegans) on your iOS device. MetaCell has donated its source code to the OpenWorm project.

International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility

In partnership with the INCF, MetaCell provided customized data integration to NeuroLex. MetaCell created visualizations of knowledge gaps, extended the platform, provided support to neuroscientists entering data and curation, and worked with informaticians to improve its contents.


MetaCell's CEO, Stephen Larson, co-invented NeuroLex, an online semantic web platform for data integration on neurons. NeuroLex is a project of the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF), funded by the National Institutes of Health Blueprint program.