Big Pharma

Research and development in major pharmaceutical companies still suffer from outdated software tools that aren't moving as fast as the state of the biological research community. We have a track record of helping Pharma R&D move towards their highest potential.

Bringing in the best from cutting edge research
It takes an average of 300 hours to bring the latest algorithm, computational method, or data analytics technique to life from an academic journal article. We specialize in reducing this time for your organization.
Custom visualizations for gaining insight from complex neuroscience data
Even the largest organizations get bogged down by neuroscience data, because there is so much of it and putting it together requires the best of science and the best of engineering. Rather than hire a new team to do this, MetaCell provides an experienced launchpad for building the applications you need.
Cloud-based data management
Many large pharma companies today understand the promise of cloud technologies, but have been hesitant to get involved due to regulatory compliance issues. However, this has begun to change. MetaCell has experience in working on challenging problems with pharma companies related to cloud data management and can help you through yours as well.

Biotech / Neurotech

Cutting edge biotech and neurotech companies need cutting edge user experiences and data management to match. MetaCell makes the best impact on your customers.

Custom enterprise software for the 21st century
Many of the big players in the software space are trapped in the past when it comes to software. Our company has done business with major pharma companies by being more nimble. We bring the latest industry-standards from Silicon Valley to bear on your neuroscience challenge, leading to software that isn't just "close" but does exactly what you need it to do.
Regulatory compliance with ease
In the modern regulatory landscape, knowing how software will fit with the FDA and HIPAA requirements can be a pain. Our experience working within the regulations will help you skip straight to the scientific insight and unlock the value in your data.
The exciting new field of neurotech is taking the world by storm, from apps for brain scanning headsets, to medical devices. We are the world's leading custom software development company serving the neurotech industry, and are here to help you in all your neurotech software needs.


Innovative non-profits that work with neuroscience data often need cutting edge software applications to fulfil their missions. We can help.

"One stop shop" software development
Non-profits often do not have the ability to build out their own team of dedicated software engineers. Outsourcing your software development needs to MetaCell brings a team of experienced project managers, software analysts, designers, and developers on a project basis with the flexibility you need.
Translating research into value
Sitting at the intersection of the research world and the for-profit world, non-profits are well positioned to aid in the crucial work of translating theory into practice. For the neuroscience world, this process is increasingly sped up via software. Our experience serving innovative non-profits in building their neurosciences software infrastructures will serve you well.
Enabling collaboration
Non-profits often play a crucial role in bringing talented individuals together from industry and academia. Collaborative environments that enable shared analysis of neuroscience data can often help achieve the goals of even the most ambitious non-profit missions.

Academia / University

Exciting software ideas are generated in academia, but bringing them to life into robust software can be a challenge for scientists whose expertise isn't software engineering. We can help.

Hiring programmers?
Often, academic labs run into trouble recruiting experienced software engineers who deeply understand the neurosciences. At MetaCell, we know this because we have successfully completed projects on time with multiple grant-funded labs and helped them solve their scientific software challenges instead of them hiring their own programmers. We can save a university lab up to 60-70% of their hard earned grant money and create longer lasting software results than the average individual scientific programmer.
Building online resources
Our code stands behind several grant-funded online data resources in the neurosciences, including NIH and Wellcome Trust-funded online scientific tools. This experience makes it easy to help you in your innovative online resource project and make it the most useful.
Open source and publication-friendly
Often, the idea of contracting with a software company to build software for a scientific purpose runs into the problem of proprietary code. At MetaCell, we leverage an open source business model, meaning we will build custom code and release it under an open source MIT license. This makes our projects popular with funding agencies and journal article reviewers, who don't have to worry about code lock-in or unreproducible results. Open source also means you keep control of the source code and your lab can keep building on it after our project is complete.